Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Real Inconvenient Truth

I'm from El Paso Texas and Juarez, Mexico. Over the past 10 years there have been over 500 women slayings in Juarez. The victims are women who work in the "maquilas". Maquilas are the byproduct of NAFTA, to get to the point maquilas is where we, US, get our cheap labor. Maquilas are companies that have left the US in search of cheap labor and exploitation.

Most of the of the workers of these maquilas are women. They are women who are housewives or underage girls who work to support their families. The sad news is that you can also find their decomposed lifeless bodies, half buried, mutilated, and unaccounted in the desert.

Surprisingly, nobody even cares. The border area, El Paso/Juarez is thriving in business and religion. Where is the Chuch, the protestants, pentecostal, or baptist? The only voice you hear in the street is that of the mothers of victims, only mothers! Where are the fathers?

People blame the police corruption. They say it's the work of a of serial killer(s). But the truth is that the killer is not too far away from us. The killer is the idea of what men thinks of women. Simply disposalble objects.

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