Monday, December 17, 2007

By the Number

There is this newspaper column called "Ask a Mexican" by Gustavo Arellano, where he answers racial tension questions about Mexicans. A reader had asked him once, "why is it when you fight a fight a bean, you end up fighting the whole burrito".

I drew a Vickers WWI machine gun in response to that question. Looking closely at the bullet belt, you see little mexicans with sombreros. It means there is power in numbers.

"they are taking over by numbers"


watcher said...

Hey, really nice illustrations. Would be much better if you also write some comments about your political views concerning each of the illustration.

Really nice :)

Rebecca said...

Thought provoking & loaded - [no surprise] they arouse strong emotions. I'd enjoy some commentary. Is the storyboard site you, too? The dog-flea-collar ad? Very cool.

daro said...

Che veo que escribis bien en espaƱol, que decir, las ilustraciones estan muy buenas, satiricas, acidas,. en fin el tipo de humor al que apunto.


Miranda's Art said...

To: Rebecca

Yes, the storyboards are mine too. I really need to show the final product.

Jeffrey Miranda

Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

political art says

"I enjoy mocking the constant chaos we are mired in."

mocking is really what "we" need. By mocking, you normalise the behaviour under which you make your images. By normalising, the situation becomes acceptable and everyday. Are you saying the mire is incorrect or just a situation that could be made better ?

Miranda's Art said...

To: Adrew Martyn Sugars

We are products of the past, products of history. And there are parameters that define us. And what I'm trying to do is to show the ugly and maybe that will be enough make us change.

To answer your question
You and me were born without permission, without our say. And the world we were born is not nice. That is what meant by "...constant chaos we are mired in".


Andrew Martyn Sugars said...

agh, I find where I began. phew.

I disagree with your "power in numbers" with the little mexicans in the bullit belt. I think it It reads, you're putting mexicans in the firing line, they are disempowered and held against their will.

Miranda's Art said...

To Andrew Martyn Sugars:

Lets over analyze this. You say the bullet belt is putting them in the firing line. I agree but it's more like they are being constraint, almost forced.

The bullet constraint can represent the complex forces that drive the Mexican-American immigration. For example, like economics, in search for a better, and Coca cola.

Each bullet/person willing to sacrifice anything for nothing.